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Cookape: Get 100% Real Instagram Followers and Likes


Nowadays, most people use Instagram and aspire to gain more followers and popularity on the platform. They aim to become Instagram influencers, whether it’s to promote a business idea or showcase their talents to the world. Instagram is a great platform for entertaining and influencing people while also offering opportunities to earn money. That’s why it’s crucial to utilize websites like Cookape, where you can boost your Instagram followers without having to provide personal details.

What is cookape?

Cookape is an extraordinary tool that aims to increase an individual’s followers without any inconvenience, even if they prefer not to log in. Unlike other services that require you to enhance your qualifications, It acts as an external tool to boost your Instagram follower count frequently. Our primary goal is to provide a flawless, achievable, and secure solution for individuals seeking to enhance their impact on the platform.

Steps how to use cookpage:

To access this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Access the website: Search for Cookape in your browser, click on the website, and navigate to the Cookpage.
  2. Enter your Instagram handle: Once you’re on the Cookape website, you’ll find an area where you can enter your Instagram username. Ensure you’re on an authentic site before proceeding.
  3. Select a follower package: It offers a wide range of follower packages for you to choose from. You can select one based on your needs and requirements. These packages may vary in terms of timeframe and the number of followers.
  4. Confirmation and verification: Initially, you’ll need to complete a verification process. This step is essential to confirm that you are not a bot.
  5. Time to enjoy the followers: While Cookape won’t bring sudden changes in your follower count, over time, you will notice an increase in your followers.


There are several benefits of using this tool, listed below:

  1. Increase follower count: It can help you increase your follower count significantly in a short period of time.
  2. Improve engagement: It also enhances your engagement by encouraging others to like and share your posts.
  3. More exposure: It boosts your exposure by interacting with posts, increasing the likelihood of reaching a larger audience.
  4. Earn money: By using Cookape to gain more followers and viewers, you can become an influencer and monetize your presence on the platform.
  5. Easy usage: It is a user-friendly website, ensuring that users do not encounter any difficulties while using it.

IS legit?

It cannot be said that obtaining a large number of followers through the use of third-party tools like Cookape is illegal. Even purchasing Instagram followers is not explicitly against the law. Many influencers have successfully increased their followers by using this tool and similar websites, and Instagram does not penalize users for using fake followers. There are numerous other websites as well that assist in increasing followers, so you can use this without any fear.

Is it safe to use cookape website

One of the most amazing websites to boost your follower count on Instagram is Cookape. Sometimes, the thought may cross your mind, “Is it safe to use?” It’s a valid question, but we can confidently say that it is 100 percent secure. This site and similar websites, however, do not guarantee the security of your data.

Advantage and disadvantage of using cookape

Let’s explore some notable advantages of this platform.


  • It does not violate Instagram’s terms of service.
  • It is highly effective in boosting your Instagram followers regularly.
  • This is an affordable website that offers some free packages, allowing you to post one picture daily.


Here are some disadvantages listed below.

  • It is not a magic bullet and does not guarantee a sudden increase in followers. It may take time, and there’s no assurance of continuous growth.
  • It can be risky as it does not provide any security regarding the protection of your data.
  • Users need to be cautious as they may encounter spam and unwanted messages.

Information About Cookape:

It was founded in 2023 by a team of entrepreneurs in California, USA. It is available for free on the internet, with some paid plans also available. Cookape has helped numerous people increase their followers and boasts millions of users worldwide.

Alternative Websites to Cookape:

There are several alternatives to this tool listed below:

  1. Stormlike
  2. Labalabi
  3. Player up
  4. Social guest
  5. Sprout social
  8. Crowd fire
  9. Tech winks
  10. Buffer
  11. Vip likes
  12. Speedy gram
  13. Venium
  14. Popular up
  15. Metrical
  16. Social wick
  18. Son likes
  19. Igtok
  20. Engage master
  21. Gramgrow
  22. Boostgram
  23. Like magnet
  24. Instawizard


It is a valuable tool for boosting Instagram followers, but it comes with limitations that may evolve over time. Instagram frequently updates its rules and regulations, which could pose challenges for services like Cookape in the future. Users should be aware of both the benefits and risks associated with using such tools.

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