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Archivebate: A Complete Guide

Archivebate is a newly launched application, It allows  users to save and share pictures of those things that they experience online or on their phone.It provides an easy to use interface and you can share your online experience on this portal. You can even share these pictures to your friend and also share on different social media channels like twitter and instagram. This application is totally free of cost , it is a great tool to share things with friends.

How it works

Archivebate provide free services to users in this website you save picture and articles for reading later. this it secure site,  you can pick a page you want to save. It all you to save your file in as PDF or an HTML file (like a complete web page).If you want to save file as PDF you can but there are limitation you can only save text without pictures or videos. However in an HTML file you can save the whole page with everything.there are no limitations in HTML file.The saved page generally remains on Archivebate for around 12 hours.  You can find it again by just tapping on the web address in your device.

Archivebate is an online tool that can help you to save your social media posts. You can save your social media posts from different channels like FB, instagram, and many more as well as content from other websites.

To use Archivebate firstly you have to create an account on it. Once you make your account and login here, you can start saving your posts and articles here. There are some key features.

Features of Archivebate

Password Protection:

 You can save your password on your saved posts to keep them private, so only you can see them.

User Friendly

 Archivebate  Provide user friendly interface, it is assis users while downloading photos, videos and other things from this website.

User Friendliness

With the assistance of Archivebate, you can save anything you wish to! From photos, videos, and even texts, you can archive anything and everything.

Some important facts about Archivebate

Archivebate is helpful tool, It allow you to share your photos, videos and other things on this platform, you can also save these things here. Archivebate come with two versions one is free and second is premiums, in premium you get private albums and more storage.

At the point when you transfer your stuff to Archivebate, you can pick whether to store them on your own web server or on Archivebate’s servers. You might in fact make them private yet at the same time shareable. Also, there’s a choice to duplicate your documents to USB drives and give them as gifts.

This cool service began in December 2012, because of two personas who needed to make sharing photographs and recordings online a breeze. Archivebate is available on 20 different languages and has an application for Android and iOS, alongside a work area rendition for Windows and MacOS. 

The most outstanding aspect of Archivebate is that it assists you with keeping all your photographs and recordings in a single folder. Not any more looking through changed envelopes or sites to find what you need to share. They additionally offer private album collections, so you can keep individual stuff separate from the public collections. It’s a simple method for keeping your memories organised.


It is an easy and handy tool, it solves most people’s common problems they all face online, it is cool how easy it is to use, the privacy options it gives you, and the fact that you can use it on different devices. With Archivebate, you can keep that large number of special moments online, in one place, if you want to make your digital life more colourful and organised, Archivebate is the way to go.

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